Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

We used to use discount codes. There is a drop down box for you to select the type of membership status.  The pricing will reflect immediately above as you click your selection. With the new website release, you click ‘Login’ at the top right of the home page to have your demographic information prefilled.   Reminder, the login is the PMI global operations center ID and password.  They will do password resets.  Group registrations will need to be completed manually as a unique PMI ID is now used online in this website. 

If there are back buttons in the application, please use them!  The browser will lose track of where you are in the registration session and you may get double confirmation messages.  This can lead you to think you’ve paid twice.  Also click on the PMICOC Logo to go back to the home page and start again. This will clear your computer cache memory which might be causing the issue.

We accept check or cash by the time of the event. Many companies need an invoice, if so, please send a invoice request with billing address and billing email to  We will have an invoice prepared for you and your group registration based on PMICOC membership status.

If you are an employee of JPMorgan Chase and are attempting to pay for a PMI Central Ohio Chapter Event through PayPal you will need to first send an email to and provide the following information.

  • Cardholder Name
  • Card Holder SID
  • Last 4 digits of your Corporate Card number
  • Business justification – Need to pay for training class with Central Ohio chapter of Project Management Institute

You should receive an email from Card Services within 24 hours that a you can proceed to register. Once registered you will need to notifiy them that you completed your transaction and they can lift the temporary authorization.

This hapens when your browser is not set to accept 3rd party cookies.  Due to the way the Single Sign-On works your browser needs to accept 3rd party cookies.

Click here for instructions on changing your cookie settings.

Here is what global is sharing about SSO:

Successfully Use the Chapter Web Service   Single Sign-On

The PMI Chapter Web Services (CWS) Provider Program continues to activate CWS on chapter websites including Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO enables chapter members to login to their chapter site using their credentials.

How SSO Works
  PMI must secure member data passing between chapter sites and using a third party vendor, Gigya, to validate chapter member credentials. Gigya   sends an identification code back to the chapter sites recognizing a member’s login information.

Login Success
  To successfully login, members need to be on networks and browsers that   accept the code from the third party. Some company network firewalls block   third party codes while some browsers are automatically set or intermittently   updated not to accept third party codes. This will require users to be flexible with which networks and/or browsers they’re using.

Internet companies regularly update programs, therefore, we will continue to review and work on improving this SSO method.

Your CWS web hosting provider can assist your chapter on getting around these difficulties.

PMI has tested the login process with the following:

Windows 7 SP1
  IE8 and IE9
  Firefox 18 and Firefox 19
  Safari for Windows 5.1.7
  Google Chrome 24.0.1312.57 and Google Chrome 25

MAC OS X 10.8.2
  Safari for IPAD 6.12
  Safari for Apple Laptop 6.1.2

Aslo Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.   Not supported: XP, Vista operating systems with IE 7- 9.